Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Business Comes Through!!

I went over to Canso Ford today to accept a cheque for the Drive 4 UR Community Fundraising event that was held this summer. I was surprised to find that Canso Ford and all of their staff, had decided to further support the community park project by donating an additional $3000. I was speechless. Thank you all so very much for this very thoughtful and generous donation.


Michele Mac Donald said...

I hope everyone comes out to volunteer tomorrow. some of the Sobeys staff will be there to provide snacks and prizes for everyone! we are looking forward to a fun filled day

Anonymous said...

Wow: Great job Port Hawkesbury and Area. Sorry I couldn't be at the big day yesteday due to a previous commitment, however, was happy to be part of the preparation work leading up to yesterday. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!
Marcellin Chiasson