Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phase 1 - Playground Zones
With 44 days until “Build Day” we are now on the home stretch! In order to align our fund development with the overall vision for our Community Park project, we will be completing our park in multiple phases. The first phase of the project will take place September 14th with “Build Day”. During this phase we will install multiple pieces of playground equipment as selected by youth in our community to complete our “Toddler/Preschool Zone” and “School Age Zone”. We are pleased to finally be able to show you these images! 

As Build Day draws closer we call upon residents of the Strait Area to help be champions of this cause. We are hoping to raise $30,000 with this call to action. Do we have 150 Strait Area residents willing to donate $200 to help reach this goal? If you can’t personally help at this time that’s okay! Who do you know that could help? Remember, every dollar raised is matched by Let Them Be Kids. 

There are multiple ways to donate. Visit our website at and click “Donate Now”. Stop in and make a donation at the Civic Centre box office, or RBC under our account “New Park for Port Hawkesbury”. If a receipt is required, folks can also write cheques payable to “Charitable Trust Fund of the Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury”. Let’s give the children of our communities a safe place to play outdoors, pull them away from the TV and computer screens, and build a playground that will be envied by folks across the province…we can do this!

44 Days And Counting!!

Another big thank you to our latest contributors!! Flora Gillis, as well as Shannon and Caroline Hennessey. Thank you folks. Lets keep it going. Remember Scottie O's challenge on the radio this morning? He is challenging everyone in radio land to donate at least 25$. If everyone steps up to this challenge then we will hit our goal in no time. Just remember we are only 44 days left to build day. The biggest challenge right now is for us to get enough money in time to purchase all of the equipment for this amazing park project. Remember when you donate, you are not throwing your money away, you are investing it in your town to make our community better for everyone. I am looking forward to the end of build day when I can look at everyone in this community and say "WE DID IT"

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


A huge THANK YOU is extended to the staff at our local WALMART for their support today with the barbeque, and to everyone that stopped by to buy their lunch. Today's barbeque pulled in $552!! An additional $713 was raised by the staff at Walmart with previously held barbeques, for a total of $1265!  $1000 of this will be matched by the Walmart corporation, for a grand total of $2265 donated from Walmart! Thanks again to Chris and all the staff for your support; it is greatly appreciated! 

Thanks to our BBQ volunteers - Trevor, Tara Lee, Angie ( her two girls) and Dee.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Lets keep the donations coming in.  Another generous donation came in today.  Tammy Maclellan thank you for supporting this community project.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Donation Options

Community Park Meeting

It was a great meeting Thursday night with some excellent contributions from a great group of folks. The design is almost here! Fundraising efforts are cranking up. Exciting times.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank you Canso Ford, Ford Canada, and Strait Area Residents!

WELL DONE STRAIT AREA!!! We had approximately 250 people come in to test drive today. Providing all waivers/forms were filled out correctly/completely - that equates to $5000 donated to the Park from Ford Canada. The BBQ pulled in roughly $550 (a HUGE thank you to the businesses that pre-ordered lunch for their employees- this was a great help), the donation box pulled in over $100... all of this gets matched by Let Them Be Kids, for a GRAND TOTAL OF APPROXIMATELY $11,300 RAISED FOR OUR COMMUNITY PARK TODAY! What a fantastic show of support and community spirit; September 14th is going to be incredible! :D